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[MOD] Shadow Lord: Solo Leveling - Unlimited Money | God Mode | Massive Damage

Shadow Lord: Solo Leveling
  • Updated: 15-03-2021, 10:24
  • Version: 1.02
  • Requirements: 5.0+
  • Views: 7 001
  • Category: Шутеры / Экшен
A Shadow Warrior stands guard over a Dungeon that has been invaded by enemy hordes. The enemy also prepared many traps. Powerful weapons and great skills help the player to destroy monsters. Lots of maps. Levels of varying difficulty. Excellent upgrade of weapons, pumping accessories. At the disposal of the gamer is not only honed combat techniques, but also magic. The hero is able to take control of the shadow forces that help him clear the underground mazes. Both the multiplayer mode, where you can compare your achievements with the leaderboard, and the offline mode, which allows you to enjoy the game even without the Internet, are available.
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