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[MOD] Zombie Hunter Frontier - Unlimited Money | COINS | EXPERIENCE

Zombie Hunter Frontier
  • Updated: 26-02-2021, 07:44
  • Version: 1.6.6
  • Requirements: 4.1 и выше+
  • Views: 3 181
  • Category: Шутеры / Экшен
Hordes of zombies are attacking! The city is filled with the walking dead, and your task is to clear the metropolis of the undead. The monsters that want to eat your brains are very hungry. Their number is growing every day, and since the apocalypse, there is not a single quiet moment. Armed with a good gun, you break through the crowd of the risen from the dead to survive. Shoot without stopping — this is the only way you will break through the endless stream of brutal flesh eaters. At your disposal are many options for firearms, up to the sniper rifle. The game has several levels, passing which you get money. They can be used to purchase new equipment. Great zombie shooter game!
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