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[MOD] Virtual Villagers Origins 2 - Unlimited Money

Virtual Villagers Origins 2
  • Updated: 20-02-2021, 07:04
  • Version: 3.1.2
  • Requirements: 4.4+
  • Views: 3 011
  • Category: Симуляторы
Your family survived the volcanic eruption on the island of Asura. Getting into the boat, you swam to the saving piece of land called Isola. A strange man who met you on the shore told you that in the distant past this island flourished, but now it is covered with impenetrable jungle, hiding mysteries. Your task is to build a village on Izola, so that the locals live here as in paradise. You have to teach the natives useful skills, you have to build houses, establish fishing. You and your people are engaged in farming, hoarding resources, looking for new ways to feed. You have children, you travel through the nearby wild jungle and uncover ancient secrets. In the virtual village built by your efforts, there is even a magic portal!
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