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Dino Bash
  • Updated: 3-05-2021, 12:26
  • Version: 1.3.14
  • Requirements: 4.1+
  • Views: 17 817
  • Category: Стратегии
Dino Bash takes us back to the Jurassic era, when dinosaurs and giant reptiles have always existed. As always, humans always fall prey to bloody pursuits from many dinosaur species. But in Dino Bash, you no longer need to play the role of the victim. Instead, you help dinosaurs fight people. Of course, humans did something that made the dinosaurs so angry.
Dino Bash comes up with a theory why dinosaurs don't like humans. Perhaps humans have violated the underground boundaries of animals that dominate this planet. Cave people, ancient people have always wanted to steal dinosaur eggs. So the dinosaurs are angry. They are looking for people to restore justice.
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