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Out There: Ω Edition
  • Updated: 2-05-2021, 19:30
  • Version: 3.2
  • Requirements: 4.4+
  • Views: 1 837
  • Category: Стратегии
A dark adventure in deep space! An incredibly addictive and rather difficult game. The gamer can find tips on tactics on the official forum. You made a long trip in a spaceship through the solar system, staying in suspended animation. One day something went wrong and you had to wake up. Coming out of cryogenic sleep, you find yourself in a completely unknown, distant part of space. One riddle follows another, and each must be answered. The ship is badly damaged, find a way to repair it. The oxygen level is running out - discover new planets where you can replenish its supplies. More than three hundred game adventures and a captivating plot with 4 ending options.
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