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[MOD] Earth Protect Squad - Unlock all weapons

Earth Protect Squad
  • Updated: 9-04-2021, 09:39
  • Version: 2.18.32
  • Requirements: 4.4+
  • Views: 3 914
  • Category: Шутеры / Экшен
Alien ships suddenly appeared over the Earth many years ago. No one has figured out where the aliens came from so suddenly. Maybe they came from deep space? Or passed through some kind of portal from a parallel reality? Now it doesn't matter at all, because hostile guests have launched a massive attack on all of humanity. They destroyed most of the world's population. Survivors gather in groups and constantly move, trying to find at least some safe place. There is only one hope of salvation - a detachment of elite military - Earth Protect Squad. Become a part of it and fight back the alien life form, eager to gain dominance in the new world!
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